Jeff McBride

Stand Up Comic, Storyteller, Writer, Actor

Stand Up Comic, Storyteller, Writer, Actor

CLIP SHOW Writer & Actor

Jeff was never any good at cattle, mining, or lumber. And he didn’t want to be. So he left Montana at age 26 in a covered wagon to go work for a financial company that still uses stagecoaches. After eight years of banking and writing about himself in the third person (which he was told “is not a professional way to email”), he decided to finish this sentence abruptly.

Now he’s a stand up comedian based in New York City, performing nightly anywhere from clubs to theaters to yelling on the subway platform. He's studied comedy writing, stand up, and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Bay Area Theater Sports, and the San Francisco Comedy College.

In the end, he just loves to make you laugh.

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